Jay Weatherill Wants You

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It seems the State Government is feeling the political heat from the rising cost of living in our state.

Premier Jay Weatherill is seeking feedback from South Aussies on how to ease cost of living pressures.

The premier released a cost-of-living discussion paper at the Australian Council of Social Services national conference in Adelaide, and is now seeking feedback from the public and stakeholders on reform.

He will call on South Australians to tell him how to ease cost-of-living pressures, including possible new rebates and targeted assistance to help in costly "life-changing events".

Mr Weatherill admits South Aussies are struggling with a considerable rise in household expenses with making the state more affordable a priority for the government.

The Opposition says cost of living is one of the Government's major vulnerabilities.




It's a relief at least one MP has decided to take a stand against Agenda 21 and Sustainable everything, Ann Bressington appears to be the only one in parliament with a spine. Since 2009 my youngest son's primary school signed up to UNESCO's 5 pillars of indoctrination. I've watched as teachers have been obviously brainwashed into believing by indoctrinating our kids with Sustainable everything and environmentalism their somehow saving the planet.
I find the whole subject so insidious and evil, all references to Christianity including Easter and Christmas is being systematically removed from public schools and replaced with a form of pagan "Earth Worship" and Aboriginal Mythology. Our kids are being dumbed down, my son's level of basic math and English is at least 2 years behind where his older brothers were at his age. The education system is being used as a tool just like it was under Stalin and Mao, and all sides of the isle are in on it, as is the US Obama led government with their so called "Green" programs and curriculum CScope where teachers must sign a none disclosure agreement forbidding them showing parents what their teaching.
I found this Agenda on Sustainability has infiltrated every level of our lives from schools to local councils state and Federal government and like a malignant cancer needs cutting out ASAP.

by tonetrader (28/03/2013)

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