Fringe Review - Barry Morgan - Organ is Not a Dirty Word

By: JBurns
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Barry Morgan - Organ is Not a Dirty Word

The Campanile
Garden of Unearthly Delights
Until 17th March

***** Sheer Magnificence

From the moment you are invited into Barry Morgan’s store in Sunnyside Mall, World of Organs, you are taken with Barry’s sheer magnificence. Dapper and devilishly handsome, in his safari suit with cravat, a salesman’s broad smile and a mane of hair that had the audience gasping. He is indeed a rare specimen.
But looks aside Barry Morgan is a man of substance, of music and of passion for his instrument, The Hammond Aurora Classic.
Barry Morgan is no ordinary salesman and this is no ordinary Fringe Show, in fact, it is not a fringe show at all. This is a sales demonstration. His store World of Organs is being challenged by a new store in Sunnyside Mall selling digital piano’s and Barry needs to move some inventory or the doors of World of Organ’s could be closed forever!
A regular at the Adelaide Fringe Barry Morgan exceeds all expectations with his new demonstration – Organ is Not a Dirty Word.  Barry charms the audience with hilarious stories of his childhood, dazzles them with his sublime organ play and regularly calls on them to participate in the demonstration. It is a fun and very funny evening of toe tapping tunes and belly aching laughs.
Barry Morgan - Organ is Not a Dirty Word is not to be missed this Fringe season. 
Review By Jason Burns



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