Adelaide Fringe - Mission Twinpossible

By: JBurns
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Mission Twinpossible
Gluttony - The Piglet
*** 1/2  - you're left wanting more
Benjamin and James Stevenson sing about being identical twins but don't rely on their genetic novelty too much in making this show a success.
Instead they have a line-up of cracking numbers which had the audience bubbling with laughter on their opening night at the Adelaide Fringe.
Relationships versus the single life, the steps before sex, quirky parents and the evolution of fear are all covered by this keyboard/guitar duo.
The boys have strong but not spectacular singing voices and the sound engineers may need to tweak their levels at Gluttony's Piglet as some of their clever lyrics are lost through the speakers. 
But their message of mirth - punctuated with smut - can't be ignored and you're left wanting more by the end of the show.
Twins do feel each other's pain but not if they attend this Fringe event. 

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